History: Innovative due to tradition.

It was an invention that started it all over 30 years ago. Similar to its big brother, exhibition system manufacturer OCTANORM, Expomobil was founded in 1983 by Hans Staeger with an invention at its core: the flexible floor panels from the OCTANORM exhibition system programme.

The company was first introduced at the Industry Fair in Hannover, Germany, in April 1983. Its formula for success: Expomobil is an expert for flooring solutions and installations.

 The following years, Expomobil steadily grew to become the specialist for sophisticated flooring made from an array of different materials. The company steadily extended its product range – and continues to do so to this day.

In 1990, the Expomobil spectrum is broadened once again. For the first time, selected exhibition furniture and lamps are added to the portfolio – allowing Expomobil to equip entire trade-fair appearances.

High quality standards, early adaption to new trends, application of new materials, and use of new technology are deeply embedded into the Expomobil identity; then as now.

With individual customer service, quick order processing, short notice periods, high planning competencies, and worldwide flooring installation services, Expomobil has the right products, services, and infrastructure for the fast-moving exhibition world. Because no matter how fast you are moving – Expomobil is moving with you.

During his time as general manager from December 2008 to June 2015, Thomas Gräter lead the company and his team steadily towards new developments. In July 2015, Delf Henning, former Procurator and Head of Sales, took over and is keeping on this course of innovation to today.