EXPOMOBIL® AIT Innovation Award for Architecture + Innovation

During the EuroShop retail trade fair, we received the „AIT-Innovationspreis für Architektur + Innovation“. And this is the new product which has been awarded: EXPOsteinfurnier (EXPO stone veneer).

EXPOsteinfurnier is the revolution for every fan of virgin stone products. Only 1.5%–2.5% of natural stone are used for producing a 100% natural stone surface.

Resources are preserved without reducing surface feel and optics!
EXPOsteinfurnier provides additional possibilities when creating with virgin stone.

– „Classic“ is EXPOsteinfurnier used for covers on walls or on floors.
– „Flexible“ can turn used wooden surfaces into stone fronts.
– „Translucent“ creates an impressive light by shining from behind the stone.

3D-lamination creates astonishing optics.

There is almost no limit to all of the variations you can create!